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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Phulka / Roti / Chappati


whole wheat flour
water lukewarm  
2 teaspoons oil 
Some more whole wheat flour to aid in making the rolls
Clarified butter (ghee)/butter - optional


Put the flour in mixing bowl. Make a hole in the centre and add salt into it. Then add water little by little into the flour till sufficient and knead the flour into a soft smooth dough. (till a finger pressed in the dough goes in without much pressure). Then coat it with the oil and leave to rest for 30 minutes covered in a damp cloth.

Shape into a smooth, small lemon sized balls by rolling the dough into a ball between your palms making sure there are no cracks.  Then flatten it between your palms. Coat with flour on both sides.
On a well dusted flat surfaced kitchen counter, roll the dough till it becomes a big flat round circle. around 1/8” thick and around 6 inches in diameter.
Place a flat skillet over the fire, and let it heat till a drop of water thrown over it evaporates completely with a sizzling sound. Place a rolled dough over the hot skillet for around 10-15 secs till brown flecks appear on the underside. Lower flame and turn over and cook for 40 secs or so.
As soon as brown flecks appear on the underside again increase the flame to full and remove the skillet from the stove and turn the roti over.

Then with a pair of metal tongs place the lesser cooked side over the bare flame. The roti will puff out immediately like a balloon.  Then add a dollop of ghee/butter (optional).

Alternate method:  if you are not comfortable with cooking on a direct flame then cook the second side on low flame for 40 secs. Flip over on the skillet itself. Increase flame to high and use a cloth/towel to press the roti down at various points with light pressure. It should fluff up this way too.

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