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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chettinadu Biryani


Basmathi rice -2 cups (400 gms)
Chicken - 1/2 kg (500 gms)
Big onion-2
Coconut milk -1 cup or milk taken out of a small coconut

Ingredients for grinding masala

ginger -3 small pieces
garlic-10 pods
fennel seeds-1 teaspoon
green chili-4
red chili-4
Cinnamon-small piece
Mint leaves-handful (gives the real flavor)

Ingredients For Marinating the Chicken

Curd -1 tablespoon
Chili powder -1 tablespoon
Coriander powder -1 1/2 tablespoon
Turmeric powder-1 teaspoon
Grinded masala- half portion

Items for seasoning

Brinji leaf2 small pieces
cinamon-2 pieces
Marudani mokku -2
Curry leaf-little
Mint leaf-handful
Fennel seeds-1 teaspoon


Marinate the chicken with the items given for marination. Let the chicken stay marinated for at least 30 minutes. Mean while wash the rice and soak for 10 minutes. Drain the rice and roast in a kadai in little butter or ghee (1 tablespoon).The rice should be roasted in medium fire for 3 or 4 minutes till rice don't stick to the kadai. Keep the cooker in the stove. In 2 tablespoons of cooking oil mixed with little ghee season the biryani with the items given for seasoning. saute the minced onions and tomatoes for 3 minutes. Add the grinded masala (the remaining half) and saute well. Now add the marinated chicken and saute well.Keep the flame in medium and just keep the lid on top of the cooker. No need to lock the cooker or put weight. Cook the chicken for 6 minutes or till it gets half cooked. Make sure that there is not much water in the chicken. Now add 1 cup of coconut milk mixed with 2 cups of water. (1:1 1 /2) .Those who want the rice to be well cooked can add 1/2 cup more water. Add the salt needed and the rice. Mix well. Close the cooker. When pressure starts coming put the weight. Keep the flame low once the whistle comes. In medium flame, cook for exactly 8 minutes. Once the pressure gets released open the cooker and mix well without smashing. Your biryani is ready.

I thank Solai's True Chettinad Kitchen for this recipe.

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