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My Tryst With Food

Hi All

My tryst with cooking began at the age of 12, experimenting on different ways to make Instant Maggi Noodles :D I come from a family of foodies and great cooks. My Mom and her sisters being the best among all. In my Family, men are great cooks too. I was bitten by the cooking bug watching my dad experiment in the kitchen. Me and Dad have spent great many evenings cooking together... my Dad's peas pulao, kotsu with ghee floating on top and green peas masala being my all time favorites. It is my dad who taught me the the art of plating, garnishing and serving food to one and all with love and affection.

Our typical family outing consists of going out to different restaurants every weekend and trying new dishes and cuisine. My earliest memory of eating out was at the at woodlands drive-in at Chennai. My all time favorite restaurant during my childhood was the Sindbad restaurant at Muscat, Oman which was famous for its Sindbad Fried Rice, Spring Roll and Chicken Manchurian. Every time we used to go that restaurant, the manager used to hand me and my brother a video cassette each of either Pink Panther or Tom & Jerry cartoons. Me and my brother almost collected the entire series (that shows how much we loved that place and how often we ate there :P)

In our house, no Friday or Saturday nights were complete without having the entire bunch of aunts, uncles and cousins home for lunch or dinner or both ! Food, Wine and Siesta - That was our mantra. Of course the grown ups still keep up the weekend tradition. But us cousins and siblings get to meet only once in a blue moon as we are all scattered all over the world.

A typical Sunday lunch at my parent's home comprises of Vengayum sambar, Tomato rasam, Potato fry, Vendaikai curry, Parupu Usli, Thair Pachedi, Rice and Applam (sometimes vadai too). Now that I am away from home, boy do I miss those Sunday lunches so much. I have to wait till I have kids of my own to start that Sunday Lunch tradition at my home. Its no use cooking so much when there are just two people at home (I have spoilt my husband rotten to such a point that he wants varieties all the time..three times a day.. cribs and whines like a baby when I give him leftovers) :D

Talking about men, did I mention that my husband is a great cook too? He cooks for me twice a week. Marriages are really made in Heaven :D One of the way I express my love to people is by cooking for them. That is my way of showing people how much I care. My actual experiment with food started after marriage. When I came to US. I went crazy when my husband took me to the super market for the very first time. I became like a little kid at a candy store. It certainly was a delight to see every possible ingredient known to man available at the supermarket shelves at very affordable rates. My husband said "Deepu calm down.. this is just a grocery store not a clothes boutique or a jewelery store" :D

My love for food could just run into pages and pages so I think its about time I stop. I shall keep updating my recipes in the blog on a daily basis or as and when possible. The recipes here are almost authentic with my personal touches here and there. The pictures that are posted along with the recipes are all mine, so I request one and all not to copy them. But feel free to copy my recipes for your blogs :) Feel free to post comments. (Comments can include - Constructive Criticism, Doubts, Praises, Your Alternate Methods of Preparation and Your Tips). I shall be the happiest if you try my recipes and let me know how they come out :D Do forgive me if there are spelling mistakes, difference in fonts, font sizes and grammatical errors. I am a human being after all :) Happy Cooking :D


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